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Welcome to Sydtrafik

Sydtrafik is public transportation in the southern part of Jutland. 

Find your way

At rejseplanen.dk (or app) you can find timetables for public transportation in all of Denmark. It is easy to search for departures and arrivals as well as find prices and buy tickets.

Sydtrafik tickets are sold through an app (see "How to buy a ticket" below) and the tickets are valid only in Sydtrafik’s busses and on Vestbanen. Sydtrafik covers the southern part of Jutland (see map). If your destination is Aarhus, Odense or Copenhagen you must purchase your ticket via rejseplanen.dk.


Sydtrafik area

Corona | Covid-19

Please read the National travel regulations face mask or visor.

For safety reasons please respect these guidelines:

Corona guidelines on the bus

How to buy a ticket

Tickets are not sold on the bus and must be purchased before entering the bus. See below how to buy a ticket:

Tickets to Esbjerg and Vejle

If you are travelling to and from Billund Airport from Esbjerg or Vejle you can buy predefined ready-to-use tickets in the app.

Download the Sydtrafik Mobile Ticket app. You will find them under 'Buy special ticket'



You can read more about tickets, cards and pricing in this folder:

Sydtrafik price folder

Need help?

Feel free to call us if you have any questions or lost luggage.

Sydtrafik call center   +45 70 10 44 10

Opening hours:

Mon-friday     6:15-18:00
Saturday    9:15-17:00
Sunday  10:15-17:00


Free shuttle bus in Vejle and Kolding